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Report Card Reminder !!!!

1.* Dear Schools,
Kindly Download all your "Report Card -Term I" in PDF Formats, Class wise at your Computer as a copy.
Please make it a practice to always download and save the same,once you declare the result.

2. * Dear Sir / Madam,
As our support team is reminding you from time to time from last 1 month regarding the Design of Report Card (if you want any change/updation) , report card generation and calculations of marks , Grade and percentages and attendance to be crossed check and get in touch with our support team for resolution of issues if any.
We shall be glad to support you and wish to extend you the best of experience and formats as per your desire and management requirement.
The same information is also circulated on our whatsapp group also , Thus ,this is a final reminder for your information .
Please Note :
if You have not taken the action on above till date we will need 4-7 working days if you have any report card issues to resolve the same. Since we will be working on first come ,first serve basis.
We are happy to announce that the “Parent Touch” app is ready for download and usage on - “Google App Store”
Please communicate and encourage parents to download the same, also let us know if you need some support or help from us.

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